Community Tips for Memory Care

Stories for Life

People across the country are inventing ways to help those with memory loss. One example is Stories for Life, which was created with the help of librarian Tysha Shay. Shay found that reading to her grandmother could trigger memories even though her grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's. This discovery inspired Shay and the Springfield-Greene County Library District in Springfield, Missouri, to develop an outreach program.  Recognizing that learning is a lifelong journey, they take the library to the seniors in thier area.  Lots of great ideas here!


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Alzheimer's Association

A number of organizations exist to offer memory support and education.  Alzheimer's Association is one of the leaders in that respect.  They offer an abundance of information on their Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregiver Center website.  

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Understanding   Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's Association also offers an excellent interactive tour of the brain to help us undersatnd the biology behind the disease. 

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