Stories That Built Us is a website dedicated to sharing helpful information for family historians and for those who work with elderly loved ones. The website's purpose is to educate and encourage people to spend unforgettable time with their aging loved ones, to capture their stories, and to preserve stories of their own for future generations.

This website was designed by author Kathryn Mitchell who wants to provide a landing page not only for her readers but also for everyone who values the power of personal stories.  Every story recounts a journey, honors an individual's existence, and connects us to previous generations as well as to each other. 

May your stories wax eternal as all good journeys do! 

Daffodil Memories Series

Written with the Silent and GI Generations in mind.

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Family History Resources

Information to assist you as you record your family's story.   

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Memory Care Resources

Information about various memory care resources.

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About YOU!

We want to hear your stories!

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The Value of Story

1 Knowing our story helps us know ourselves.

2 Story provides an excellent means of teaching and learning.

3 Communicating with the elderly and people suffering from memory loss can be challenging, but the use of story can create a fun and beneficial experience for everyone.